Iso-ology question

  1. Iso-ology question

    Just need to know how much leucine is a safe limit in a day worth. Ok so I got my tub of iso-ology, is it ok to take after my breakfast (1 scoop of iso-ology contains 5 g of leucine) I work out around 4pm so 1 scoop for pre-workout then 1 scoop post-workout? also im taking bulk modern bcaa 8:1:1 do you guys think thats fine? Thanks for the help guys aloha.
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  2. There hasn't really been a tested limit. I would say around 25% of your total protein ingested should be luecine. That's what dr.d said on this forum. Provided you are always in positive nitrogen balance you will be the most anabolic following that protocol.
    But as far as "safety" there is no known MAX the body can handle. At least not that I have seen. Take as much as you feel you need.
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  3. Thanks Matt, thats what I thought I love the Iso-ology Trutein gave me to much gas. I got the vanilla Iso and just add a few dashes of cinnamon its perfect cinnabun flavor to kill that hint of leucine taste.

  4. I love Iso-ology too. The vanilla has the best profile but you really do taste the Leucine. Next time I get some I'm gonna try adding some Natural PB to it. That will cover up anything. Not that it tastes bad. It really does have a great taste to it. I like the Jamocha flavor the best though. Choc PB, not great. I've tried every flavor. Too bad they didn't have more flavors though. Iso-ology is super expensive though.

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