Hair Growth...what's doing it?

  1. Hair Growth...what's doing it?

    So recently I got back into supplements and I have noticed that my hair is significantly thicker and I have had regrowth that I haven't seen on a couple years of fin and minox. I'm thinking that it has to be related to some of the supplements I am taking as that is the only thing that has changed in my diet or daily routines. Here is what I am taking:

    6x San T2 Xtreme daily: I tried them after I noticed that my TSH levels were a bit high

    4x Free Test in the AM

    5x Hghup in the PM

    2 scoops of LIT-UP pre-work out and even on most off days to get my DAA

    I am also taking my Orange Triads 2x3 but that is nothing new

    So what gives? Any thoughts? By no means am I complaining lol, but I want to know what it is so I can maintain this.

  2. HGHup may be doing it.
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  3. when taking test boosters/daa or even cycling i notice an increase in hair growth

  4. HGHup I could understand as I have heard of real hgh increasing hair regrowth, but I would have thought that increased test would have been detrimental to hair growth. I would have thought it was the T2 as I have heard of hypothyroidism leading to thinning hair.

  5. free test imo
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  6. ok so that's two for Free Test...any thoughts on why that would be leading to hair growth? I could understand body hair or facial hair...but I always thought MPB was negatively effected by test increasing products????

  7. Do you have male pattern baldness in your family? If not then it could be the free test or the multi-vitamin.

    were you taking multi-vitamin before this?

  8. My uncle on my mom's side is bald, nothing from my dad's.

    I have been taking the Orange Triad for quite some time so that's out.


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