Starting my new stack soon

  1. Starting my new stack soon

    Lifted for about 2 years then gf ha a baby so been out for 7 months....started lifting a month ago an just got done with a 2 week cycle of clen I'm 5 9 180 23 years stack will be DAA, Erase, Creatine mono (first time I've used that in 8 months lol) tons of BCAAs, Hemavol, protein and my best supp....muscle memory my question is when is the best time to take erase? I was going to do 2 caps a day or should I do 3?
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  2. Also I forgot to add I will be doing an 8 week stack here with a clen cycle for the last two weeks how do you think I'll do guys? Am I missing anything?
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  3. I'd take the erase 3 times a day, every 7-8 hours, I was doing morning, afternoon (preworkout mostly) and night. I never noticed a difference dosing with or without meals.

  4. Go with 3 caps...looks good!
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