dads arthritis

  1. dads arthritis

    what is the best for arthritis....
    super cissus?
    high dose glucosamine and chondritin...?
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  2. High dose g/c seems to have me running to the bathroom with a doozy in the two'zy lol.

  3. 6 caps of Super Cissus RX saved my tendon pain. Literally was considering stopping working out all together at 23. Now i feel great. Not sure how it would work for arthritis though. Where is his pain, if its localized to one or two bodyparts.. look up joint force.

  4. its his hip so amybe I'll look into joint force. i know i have loved GLC 2000 i tried to suggest it to him
    New-Man Nutrition Services
    Live Free, Train Hard

  5. Cissus is a worthy staple. Look into Zyflamend by New Chapter...kinda expensive, but has good reviews. My mom swears by it.


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