Hey Guys

  1. Hey Guys

    Hey everyone,
    This is my first post and thought I would also introduce myself. I am from IronAddicts board and have recently been looking into running a cycle to increase testosterone and lower estrogen in an attempt to recomposition my body. I am 33, weigh 250, am 5'10" and have been lifting for 12 years. My goal is to get to about 230 but do it slowly by reducing body fat and gaining muscle along the way. I am thinking about running Prometheus Rising by MAN and Erase but I need a little help on the dosing schedule. My training is a somewhat bastardized version of Wendler's 5/3/1 where my first 3 cycles are intense and heavy followed by 1 cycle of active recuperation. Thanks for any advice guys!


  2. Welcome
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  3. Thank you!

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