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    Overr the counter Unisom - Use the doxylamine succinate variety (Doxy is NOT the same as Benedryl but it IS the same active as in Nyquil).

    1/2 tab = Lights out!!!!!!!!! Makes yuo pass out AND keeps u asleep.

    I use as needed (some times 2x/week........some times 1/ every 2 weeks)

    Never fails me.
    I need to check this out I used to take Nyquil to sleep from time to time

  2. Who sells lights out

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ajerone View Post
    Poseidon Night Time was GREAT! Sleep aid + hydrating poseidon complex
    x2 on Poseidon Night Time. Also have great success with l-dopa based supplements as well.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by D2footballjrc View Post
    They say Phenibut is great for sleep.
    I find Phenibut to be more of a "relaxation" type supplement. It can help you relax to fall asleep if you're stressed out, but I wouldn't say it helps you sleep.
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  5. 50mg of benedryl + 1000mg valarian root knocks me out!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  6. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    50mg of benedryl + 1000mg valarian root knocks me out!

    I bet it does


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