GAT Nitraflex

  1. GAT Nitraflex

    Just got hooked up with some of this stuff, green apple, I have been taking jack3d the last year. It's been good to me but this pre workout is awesome good focus ton of energy I'll let you guys know the crash in a couple of hours lol

  2. So what was your take on the Nitraflex?

  3. gotta buddy who just got some of that..swore it was the best preWO ever to hit the market..about a week later he said it kinda sucked. now he's been stealin scoops of my craze lol. i have yet to try the nitraflex tho - probably give it a shot sometime this week

  4. Sry for the late follow up. It worked good as good as jack3d but it gave a stomach ache pretty bad even with food in my stomach

  5. Sorry to anyone who like GAT products i have never lots of positive reviews of their products makes me wonder why people keep going back to them.

  6. Unfortunately I have never had any luck with Nitraflex, but the product looks so amazing. I love PWO supps!! Love em!! I have tried so many and this is one of them that has not worked for me. I have a list that has worked well for me: Bettencourt D-stunner, Muscle Marinade (wow), Hemavol (powder stacked with something with caffeine) just to name a few that have worked well for me. I try to stay away from the pills, they don't work as well as the powder PWO. I always take a PWO before training (weights/BJJ)


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