If they ever put the wrong label on

  1. If they ever put the wrong label on

    Ever wonder what would happen if they accidentally put the nolva label on a bottle of clen. Take your first dose in pct and it turns out to be 3ml of clen that would suck. Never know with these reasearch chems. I have been testing mine now by taking just a little bit when I get a new bottle. Maybe I'm over paranoid.

  2. I've thought about that, a lot, actually. Especially when some of the underground labs sell their stuff in unmarked amber jars...who knows.

  3. Most of the labels are printed on an inkjet and some have even been handwritten scribble LOL. This goes for all of the transdermals as well. Basically anything that uses bulk powders could easily get mismatched. Everybody makes mistakes so you never know.

  4. Like if my protien powder turned out to be m1t? lol

  5. well you could have that happen easier with a bigger company.. these little guys have to really watch the quality or they lose customers which really impacts the wallet.. and I have a feeling if they decided to get into this then they are going to do everything they can do do it right..

  6. Plus usually the smaller guy will do it himself...whereas a big company is hiring Joe Schmoe working minimum wage who could care less. But like Billy the kid said, anyone can make mistakes!

  7. Yes, and with all of the fake or underdosed gear around coming from "underground" labs, what makes the research chems coming from these houses any different?

    Now, Custom is a different story, of course! But I'm talking about some of the dudes who have "lists" and also sell liquid Clen.

    Although I agree that I'd rather have someone who knows what he/she is doing (vs. big companies hiring Joe Shmoe), and I know that Clen is rarely if ever faked (due to economics / availability / immediate feedback, i.e. it's way cheap, its ubiquitous, and you know instantly if its good), I still think its possible.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by coofoostu
    Like if my protien powder turned out to be m1t? lol
    You would know it the second it hit your tongue.

  9. QV isn't some UG house and they have under dosed and underfilled gear also.. but hey believe what you like


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