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    Hey how do u guys feel about the protein powder by body fortress

  2. Quote Originally Posted by D Hawk View Post
    Hey how do u guys feel about the protein powder by body fortress
    Walmart protein.

    It tastes pretty awful. I would only use it if i had absolutely no other protein powder at my disposal.
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  3. I agree with Kevin.

    I have used it at times when I had no other option.
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  4. I use the vanilla in oj with my breakfast. The chocolate is not that great, but have some on hand if I run out of my ON. I think the quality is fine though.

  5. I actually liked the taste of it. Not that bad. The only complaint I have is that they don't list all the ingredients(such as Creatine Mono) very clearly. Read the ingredient list on the back slowly to gauge what your getting in the product.
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  6. I tastes awful and is more than I want to pay for a 2lber. There are better and cheaper stuff out there.
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  7. Taste is poor but tolerable. vanilla is def > than the chocolate. Works when I run out of my far I’m concerned...some protein is better than no protein...also, 14 bucks in a pinch for 2lbs is more than worth it..just my two cents tho

  8. Thnx gentlemen for your input on it

  9. Yeah its really not bad they include creatine and taurine too so that is a plus. Sure there are better whey protein sources out there but we arent (at least I am not) an elite athlete so it works for me if I need to use it.

  10. I use it only because it falls within my budget only thing wrong with the taste, to me anyway, is that crazy after taste


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