Glutamine? Let's settle the score!

  1. Angry Glutamine? Let's settle the score!

    Ok, I hear a lot about how L-glutamine is a "waste of money" and "doesn't work". Is this just fitness forum propaganda or does everybody really feel this way.

    I'm a little sour because I laid off the L-glut for the past week, and I'm sore as [email protected]! I'm still interested in what everyone thinks though.

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  3. As discussed in other threads, Glutamine can be made from other proteins, so in NORMAL people, glutamine levels are typically sufficient. We are NOT "normal" people with normal demands.

    In addition to what Natty stated, Glutamine also helps with a plethora of other issues, some of which are common to bodybuilders/athletes. As a result, this makes Glutamine a potentially helpful adjunct IMO:

    1) Over-training demands+stress (immune system and cortisol control) as "it counteracts exercise-induced immune system suppression".

    2) It is important for removing excess ammonia (a common waste product in the body) - with all the protein bb'ers consume, this is another potentially valuable attribute for overall health (especially noted in the kidneys which are already slightly stressed more than normal people due to the protein demands of bb'ers).

    3) Helps to repair the lining of the stomach "prevents deterioration of gut permeability, protect against the development of
    intestinal mucosal atrophy
    ". The acidic protein (from ALL meat sources) wreack havoc on the gut in general and deplete the digestive enzymes needed for breaking all foods down. If/when foods are not properly and fully broken down, this "dead animal meat/protein" can be toxic and get into the blood stream. This can back up into the liver and other organs. Cumulatively, internal function of the systems can be impaired. For those who take 17-aa (adding more toxicities to the situation), this makes Glutamine a sensible supplement to contemplate adding.

    4) As stated in #3, the acidity of all this meat we bb'ers ingest can do damage internally. Glutamine can assist with offsetting this acidity with alkaline activity.

    "Supplements can be used to help increase alkalinity while on an ionogenic alkaline diet. Berardi suggests using the amino acid l-glutamine to supplement your diet to maintain your alkalinity. Consume between 1 to 3 teaspoons of l-glutamine with meals, particularly those high in acid forming-foods such as fatty meats, grains and sugary foods."

    5) Maybe not as high on the list of positives; Glutamine supplementation has been proven to help decrease depression and reduce anxiety: "In the brain, glutamine is a substrate for the production of both excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters (glutamate and GABA. Glutamine is also an important source of energy for the nervous system If the brain is not receiving enough glucose, it compensates by increasing glutamine metabolism for energy, thus the popular perception of glutamine as "brain food" and its use as a pick-me-up. Glutamine users often report more energy, less fatigue and better mood."

    Read more: Glutamine and The Ionogenic Alkaline Diet | LIVESTRONG.COM

    That said, here is a list of glutamine containing foods. If you happen to get a lot of these in your body, I wouldnt waste your time buying glutamine!
    Foods that contain glutamine include:
    • meat (including poultry)
    • fish and seafood
    • milk
    • yoghurt
    • cheese
    • eggs
    • beans
    • tofu
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