MAN Clout...also a Laxative?

  1. MAN Clout...also a Laxative?

    I recently bought some clout from NP and no matter how I dose it I have explosive diarrhea about 45 min after. Has anyone figured out how to prevent this? I've tried it with food, on an empty stomach, 4 half doses, etc and always have the same result. I also tried dissolving it in warm water.

    Before I bought it, I googled "man clout" and read nothing but great reviews. Only after I had these side effects did I search for "man clout diarrhea". At least found out that I'm not alone.

    I tried to email MAN sports and take them up on their money back guarantee but I received no response.. So I guess I need to find a way to make it work or just toss it.

  2. Used this back in the day.. never noticed that.


  3. Take it after meals, there's no problem with that.

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