How to store supplements to prevent powders from bricking?

  1. How to store supplements to prevent powders from bricking?

    Hello All, I have a problem with supplements going bad. Some of the powders turn into a brick. For example, I have a NO-Synthesize which is opened and still has those moisture pouches in it, and I store it in the freezer, it's starting to turn into a brick. I also have a VPX NO-Shotgun and VPX NO-Synthesize unopened in my cabinet. I don't want those turning into a brick. I'm finishing up SuperPump Max and already bought a MonsterPump because I need different flavors, so it'll be several more weeks until I get to the VPX's stuff. Where should I store these unopened VPX's powders?

    I also stocked up on Primordial Performance AndroMass. UNopened boxes with the bottles inside are kept in a closet. Will these pills go bad in another 2 to 4 months?

    I had a TOCO-8 turn into a brick, seemingly overnight, after using it for a couple weeks. (maybe not religiously).

  2. Buy less supplements or only an amount you are going to use within a few months. Just keep your supplements in a cool dark place and they should be fine though, try not to obsess over the little things in life.

  3. I keep the things that brick up like that in the freezer. Works great.

  4. hey mate,
    i had this problem when i was living in a tropical environment, do you have high humidity where you are? if the supps are unopened they should be fine, try the freezer but if its too wet in yours youll still have a problem, as said above, make sure its cool and dark, if the containers dont seal very well maybe you should try putting it in tupperware containers instead?

  5. Buy airtight containers, and/or put a desiccant packet in with your powder.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by methusaleh View Post

    Buy airtight containers, and/or put a desiccant packet in with your powder.
    This works well. Why not use what other supp companies use to keep their powders from bricking.
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  7. keep it moisture/humidity free, they have products out to help keep moisture down in areas of your house.
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  9. Yea Buddy! I moved much of my stash to the freezer. It looks like a little Supplement Store in an Alaskan igloo.


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