Pre-Alkalyn while losing weight?

  1. Pre-Alkalyn while losing weight?

    Age: 35
    Weight 176 and now 172 from a month ago.
    Body fat % believed to be about 21%

    I am trying to build some muscle while creating calorie deficit to lose body fat%.

    Would it be advisable to use Pre-alkalyn now to help with muscle, or start it after I am done losing weight?

  2. I think you mean kre-alkalyn and start it now.

  3. Yes. Thank you for opinion.

  4. Losing weight requires a caloric deficit while gaining muscle really requires a caloric surplus. The two can be done simultaneously, although its very hard and typically requires some sort of testosterone increase. At that high of bodyfat your best bet in my opinion is to lose whatever weight you need to and try to conserve as much muscle as you can. Then you try to gain muscle post cut.

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