Stack Advice--Triazole, Universal Animal Stack and Animal M-Stak

  1. Stack Advice--Triazole, Universal Animal Stack and Animal M-Stak

    I the following to utilize for the next month: Triazole, Animal Stak, and Animal M-Stak.

    I was curious as to what experienced users recommendations might be regarding the way to stack these sups. I know many think there are better test boosters out right now than the Animal Stak, but this is my first go with such products, so I wanted to keep with something that has been around a bit.

    Goals are for strength increases and lean mass gains over the fall/winter months. Right now I'm 5'7 and 194.5. Have a current 1RM on the squat at 425, deadlift of 415, and bench at 315...would like to get to 500+ on the DL and the squat by spring. Any thoughts, opinions, etc are always appreciated. That's what makes this the best forum on the net.

  2. I've only tried Triazole and really enjoyed it. I ran it by itself at the time. This is how I dosed it:

    2 caps upon waking with or without food/ 1 cap 8-12 hours later with or without food.

    The most noticeable was strength gains while on it.

  3. ^^^thanks man...that's what I think I'll do also. Do you think it leaned you out at all?

  4. Don't waste your time with the the Universal products. They are not even close to the quality you get from driven sports products(Triazole). Didn't need to know your 1RM, that has little to do with whether or not the products you are asking about are effective or not.

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