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    I am looking for a product like Hyperbolic 10, but maybe stacking 2 together for affordability.

    I have had some issues with regular creatine monohydrate in the past, so I thought it would be worthwhile to try kre-alkalyn, unless any feels it has absolutely no benefit to help with digestive issues.

    I would like to have a product that combines:
    1. Kre-alkalyn
    2. BCAA's
    3. maybe some other energy enhancers (with or without caffeine)


  2. How were you dosing the creatine mono? Did you load?

    And you'll be hard-pressed to find a pre with those ingredients. Not many pre's include BCAA's, and even less contain kre-alk.

  3. I have loaded before but when I restarted I tried only 5grams a day and had definitive problems.

    Right now, only taking whey protein. Doing fine, so will add on krill oil again. If still doing fine, i'll have to assume it was the creatine giving me the problem.

    I thought I would try the following combo:
    1. Optimum Nutrition Gold
    2. Krill Oil
    3. Green Vibrance green whole food
    4. ON amino energy + fitness labs Kre-alkalyn

    I really liked the fact amino energy broke down the ingredients so you can see exactly how much caffeine was in the product per scoop. I wanted to be able to titrate how much I am taking and know where I am starting from.

  4. You could give SNS MCC a shot for your creatine. Convenient and in caps so its pretty easy to get an exact amount each time. Drop the Amino Energy, if you want a nice energy for a workout CL White Flood is nice, or if its just part of the day sort of thing grab some bulk caffeine tabs and split them up into 100mg doses for when you need a kick.

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