Looking for a new stack!

  1. Looking for a new stack!

    I just recently completed my first stack of supplements with the stack of BPS endosurge, DAA, and erase and i absolutely loved it. I ran these together for 4 weeks in total. Was weighing 231-2 first thing in the morning prior to stack, now weighing about 235-6 first thing in the morning. Bench press at the beginning of the month i was ending my 10-8-6-4-3-2 sets with 385 for a set of 2 now i am finishing with 405-415 for a set of 2. I added roughly a 1/2 inch to my biceps. Along with the above i was taking: multi, IGF-1, greenbulge @7/day, BCAA's and the occasional preworkout when needed. Suffice to say, after a short break, ill be ready for a new stack.

    I did have blood work done prior to doing this stack just to see what everything looked like. Everything on the blood work prior was WNL. Testosterone was a little low for a 27 year old being 461 ng/dL but still WNL, however i am down one testicle (testicular cancer) so this may be a reason for that. LH was 8.2 mIU/mL, estradiol 28.8 pg/mL and FSH 11.0 mIU/mL.

    Well anyways i was hoping to hear some good suggestions on my next stack, I have coupons for appnut and AI so i would like to place an order with either of these companies and try some of their products, so suggestions on stacks including their products would be preferred.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

  2. what are goals bro!!!

  3. Looking to gain strength and mass.

  4. HGHup And free test even IGF2 to is good! I have used this product and have good resultS

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