Creatine/Kre-Alkalyn Issue??

  1. Creatine/Kre-Alkalyn Issue??

    I am doing some educated speculation here, but I started up Kre-Alkalyn a little while back, and not too long after starting it, I got really sick with flu-like symptoms and my tonsils got really enlarged. Since then, i've felt a lot better and been able to resume working out, but my tonsils are still pretty enlarged and sometimes flare up even worse and hurt for a day or so. I'm still taking the Kre-Alkalyn, and the reason for that is that I've been taking creatine for quite a long time with no issues, so I didn't think there was anything in Kre-Alkalyn that could initiate some kind of allergic reaction or something. Has anyone heard of anything like this, an allergic or adverse reaction to Kre-Alkalyn but not another type of creatine? I am going to stop the Kre and switch to another form of creatine, which i'm sure some of you would suggest even if I didn't have this issue...Thanks guys!

  2. probably time to go get the tonsils checked
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  3. Tonsilitis perhaps? It's surely not the KA! I've been using it for close to 3 years without any problems.

  4. It's not the creatine or anything within KA. Did you see a ENT when you felt these symptoms?

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