PCT help and advice

  1. PCT help and advice

    looking to run androlean and androhard in the next few weeks. i am ordering the pct stack from primordial and wondering if anything should be added.

    additionally, if this goes well i will be looking to run androhard and andromass early next year and pct advice would be appreicated for that as well.

    thanks all.

  2. I used the AH/AL stack and for PCT I'm running Formula-X/Division1/TitaniumXL/Erase/Anabeta stack, I'm very happy with this PCT, still getting strength and muscle gains.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. for the AH/AL stack, TRS stack + TCF 1 for PCT. you are able to use a SERM, but it is not required. although you dont have to do this, i always take cycle assist during any cycle
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

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