Help with products, how to use them, and where to buy them :)

  1. Wink Help with products, how to use them, and where to buy them :)

    Hey guyz

    Firstly thanks to anyone who reply's and gives me any advice.

    I am 19 years old, weigh 90kg's and am roughly 6"4 in height. To date I have lost around 54 kg's over a period of about a year and a half now. I have not used any products as of yet. I lost the weight through major changes in diet, and a huge amount of cardio work. I have now hit a peak and am not moving from 88-90 kg's fluctuating alot (I think water weight fluctuating is the cause). My major gaol now is to continue to loose the excess body fat (not a huge amount remaining, mainly around my waist and chest) while toning/cutting my body/muscles. So my question's to everyone who can help are

    1. What does everyone recommend I do, a cutting cycle, or bulking cycle??

    2. What Steroids should I use to help me achieve my goal??

    3. Does anyone know of the potential side effects when using the steroids??

    4. And lastly which method of use is best?? injection or oral use??

    5. Best place/website to buy the steroids?? (I live in Sydney, NSW, Australia)

    Again thanx to everyone who replies and helps, hope to hear from you soon Regards AnyHeIpPlz

  2. Just keep doing what you are doing. You are too young for steroids. And you really should review the rules, as asking for a "source" to buy steroids from will get you banned from this board.

    You have come a long ways though! Congrats on what you have done. Maybe look into some thermogenic products that help you burn fat, they might really help you loose those last few pounds of fat. Keep up the great work!

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