Pick From The Pantry - Recovery, Fat Loss, and Muscle Maintenance

  1. Pick From The Pantry - Recovery, Fat Loss, and Muscle Maintenance

    Ok everybody I've got a ton of supplements and figured I would look for some ideas for my next stack. Here are my goals:

    1. Drop BF%. I'm sitting around 11% right now and my main goal is to be satisfied with my abs and overall definition when I look in the mirror. I'm not too worried about the actual %, but lets say my next goals are 10% and then 9%. I'm not sure what the number will be when I'm actually satisfied so like I said I'm going mainly by the mirror, but I will track the %.

    2. Maintain muscle. I am having a problem with my shoulder which my Ortho believes is a bicep tendon tear. I went for an MRI Wed. and will be discussing the results with him on Monday. I'm probably looking at a month or more with zero to little upper body weightlifting with physical therapy 1 or 2 times a week. I don't want to lose the little muscle I have so I would like for my stack to help preserve that if possible. I really don't know the specifics on this issue until Monday so I will definitely reevaluate the possibilities then. The whole situation has me feeling a bit depressed tbh, but keeping a goal and outlining my guide needs to be a priority b/c I could easily fall off track and really screw up my progress then.

    3. Recover. This probably should have been #1 b/c it is definitely the most important factor going forward. I need to heal up as good as possible so that I can have a fulfilling lifting experience when I return fully. I have been dealing with the problem on my own for about a year and it hasn't been fun at times. I take it easy for a while, feel a bit better, push it again, and then feel more pain. It's a vicious cycle that I am now ready to break.

    I will be hitting legs twice a week and possibly doing some light upper body exercises depending on my discussion Monday. For now lets just say 2 days for legs and as much cardio as I feel like doing to stay sane.
    Supplements in my pantry (not including things like multi, protein, bcaa's, and my Cissus):

    -Alpha T2
    -Lean Extreme
    -Multiple Stims
    -Raspberry Ketones
    -White Flood

    I'm also not looking to buy more supplements except for the possibility of throwing in some Ursobolic.

    So give me some feedback and tell me what you think. I started CKD on Monday to give myself something different to do since I'm not lifting as much, but I will be reevaluating my diet as well going into the next stack. Ideas for a training split and diet are welcome just as much as ideas for my stack. Any other opinions are welcome as well as long as it is constructive criticism. Thanks everyone.

  2. If your unable to lift with your upper body, save for some PT... I would just recover. Muscle memory is awesome and it will enable you to gain what is lost (if any) back very quickly.

    But just take the time and rest. Keep your protein level high, take a multi, fish oil, cissus. Maybe aminos to help fight off catabolism. Other than that, don't worry about it too much. Stuff happens...

    save all your good supplements for when your better.

  3. Thanks Renegade. What do you think about the 2 day leg split. I was thinking maybe:

    M- quads, Th- hams
    M- full legs, Th- repeat
    One day lifting and one day sprinting

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