alri chained reaction

  1. alri chained reaction

    Anyone use this product? How is it post workout? And is that's what its designed for?

  2. can you post the ingredients for us.

  3. Here ya go....

    Chain’d Reaction™ is the first of a new generation of Glycogen Super-Overload and Performance Matrix Drinks that has been structurally altered and pre-digested for immediate utilization and prolonged performance.

    Dramatic increases in muscle glycogen super-overload and optimal nutrient infusion.
    Long-term performance energy reserves and muscle volumization
    Optimal GI clearance rate so your muscles don’t have to wait
    Increased nutrients drawn into the blood stream and lean mass
    No bloating, No stomach/GI upset.
    Low osmotic response
    Optimal electrolyte modulation
    Inhibition of fat stores
    Begins final pre-digestion upon mixing

    Calories 168
    Total Fat 3 g
    Total Carbohydrate 36 g
    Sugars 5 g
    Protein 0 g
    Enymic Engineered Rice Syrup Solids 36 g

    INGREDIENTS: Rice Syrup Solids, MCT Oil, Natural and artificial flavor and color, Malic Acid, sucralose, Silica Dioxide, Amylase, Hemi Amylase, Acesulfame K, Cellulase, Bromelain

  4. Nothing but good feedback. Wish I had some already but the pockets have been looking kinda skinny. Alri makes some of the best supplements on the market hands down. Humapro is a staple for me and has been since I first tried it almost half a year ago now. WTF pump is quite good and chained out beats any other bcaa product I have ever used in terms if flavor and overall results. I am sure chained reaction will be no diff.
    Wish NP would carry some stacks like chained reaction and humapro

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