Can i start Methoxy-7/synergy stack after my Hard/Mass FX or Rest?

  1. Can i start Methoxy-7/synergy stack after my Hard/Mass FX or Rest?


    Im new to the forum and have been looking and searching through numerous posts for my question but couldn't see a specific answer to my Q.

    But if im wrong please point me in the right direction

    As in the title, im currently using hard/mass fx stack on my 5 week out of 8 and seeing excellent results, i have put on nearly 20lbs no lie i promise so im very happy at the moment, but i was wondering could i start the PHD methoxy-7/synergy stack straight after or should i rest for 4-6 weeks because of my raised testosterone levels due to my current stack? Can i take PCT why taking methoxy-7 stack?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated,

    Many thanks


  2. Bump... anyone have any advise on this please?



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