Supps on Probation

  1. Supps on Probation

    Are there any supps i should avoid on probation ha I get a wiz quiz at random and im just curious if anyone has any info on supps that could give me a false positive. im ammusing pre work out supps would be the main concern any info? Thanks a million im a nervous wreck haha

  2. There was just a whole thread debating whether or not preworkouts containing 1,3 dimethylamylamine can cause false link it but I'm using the mobile app. Anyways I think the general consensus was to aviod it because it is possible (although I'm not sure how likely)
    I guess jack3d is on the list of preWO's that contain 1,3 dma..
    I piss in a cup weekly and take a buttload of different supps and have never had a false positive
    Cultivating Mass.

  3. I would stay away from exotic stimulants and get by on coffee for the time being if you're that concerned about going to County for a dirty bottle. Better to have some peace of mind IMO.

  4. ive got the same headache man im playing it safe and staying away from 1,3 dma sux ass cuz most of the pwo contain it alot of the good ones so im trying fierce new formula out check out fierce, black powder,or maniac stacked with some creatine nitrate pills

  5. I was on probation and just stayed away from 1,3 and was fine..

    I used:
    No Explode
    lean extreme
    Swole Stack from AI + HGHPro

    all while getting piss tested without a problem.
    Log of EPIC by FRL -



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