Hello I am new to this website and signed up just for the help of you more educated individuals, this website really has a wealth of information but my problems just a little bit different and cant find the right answer. Me and my training partner both decided that we were ready to try gear we both are extremely active and work out religeously. We decided to go with the less powerful aas and go with anavar simply put were both lean andwe didnt want to try needles. I know i will probaly get flamed! Anyways we got two seperate bottles off of somebody I thought we could trust for the same price both ug labs, i should of known somethign was up when we got different bottles! while on anavar I gained around 10 pounds and pretty quick i was almost stunned sorta like the effects of dbol or something? Anyways we finished our bottles and both had nolva already purchased from the same guy. I wish i woulda studied more because i later found out nolva is not the best pct for anavar. It seemed to work fine but after I came off nolva my pre existing puberty gyno got aggravated and became much larger and quite sore. Did i purchase fake stuff :s So back to the main reason why I posted this long and probaly boring post: My other friend had two bottles remaining of rebound xt which is now banned and very hard to come by I am told, he gave me them for very cheap 40 bucks for both of them still sealed. How could I take this to help with my gyno even though I am not cycling anything and what else should I purchase, and I am also worried about libido problems because I read they are quite common while taking rebound and my gf is quite a horny one . I AM NOT ON ANY AAS RIGHT NOW AND DO NOT PLAN ON TAKING ANY KIND IN THE NEAR FUTURE, i plan on staying completely natural after having tht unpleasant experience.Somebody please help me out, I dont want to be harassed I am jsut looking for help please thanks for taking the time to read who ever does. Any help would be appreciated.