Looking for a new stack/postworkout...suggestions?

  1. Looking for a new stack/postworkout...suggestions?

    Hi everyone,

    I feel like I've hit a sort of plateau in terms of supplements I've been taking. I've never taken very many at one point in time. Right now I am currently taking Trinitine, a generic pre-workout which I forget the name of, and Essentials for post workout.

    I wanted some suggestions on a good non-anabolic muscle building stack as well as a new post-workout supp as they don't make AI no longer makes Essentials I will be looking to place an order on NutraPl**et soon.

    I was looking closely at both Natadrol for muscle building and Postal for post-workout. Thoughts?


  2. natadrol is okay, its not that potent. But wont really require much pct. Postal, again, okay. If you add whey isolate to the postal it would be much better.

    muscle replenisher would be much better for a post WO drink, better carbs and higher quality protein. Bridge in place of the natadrol, it is ran in all sorts of ways. I would just go 3 caps a day and see how you like it. You shouldnt need more than 3 caps ED but it depends on the person. Bridge will require no pct either.

    Both products you chose are not too popular, there are many more out there.

  3. I actually really liked natadrol each both times I used it. Other good ones are drive, freetest, hghup, anabeta, pink magic, ghenerate, and others I forget right at the moment lol. But there are lots of good ones out.
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