Is this too many shakes???

  1. Is this too many shakes???

    I was wondring if this is too many shakes for a day.. I usually have a shake in the morning befor workout.. a shake after my workout a few hours later,, then a shake before bed... I eat about 4-5 solid meals everyday with these shakes.. I

  2. You're fine.

  3. Looks fine to me.
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  4. I know there are a lot of people out there that are down on shakes but if it is a quality shake the fills the needs at the time, I see nothing wrong with it! I for one (being a timber framer/ construction worker) don't have time to eat several meals /day so I rely on shakes to get me where I need to be. Can down a shake quickly and get back to work asap.
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  5. So your drinking 5 a day?? I would try to eat more real food.

    If you have a job or situation where the only way to consume protein is by drinking a shake than do it but I would try to cut 1 or 2 out for a small meal.



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