Need something to make my mind shut down for sleep. Sleep supp stack failed tonight.

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  1. Need something to make my mind shut down for sleep. Sleep supp stack failed tonight.

    I'm in a rough spot at the moment. Been living with terrible insomnia for at least the last 6 weeks. It's affecting all areas of my life.

    I just left my girlfriend's place at 6:30am after not getting one minute of sleep and feeling like I was gonna jump out a window if I laid there til she woke up at 10am. Obviously she was bummed out when I told her I had to go to my place to see if I could get a few hours of sleep.

    My issue is that my mind feels 'wired' or 'buzzed' even though I'm exhausted and desperately want sleep. Xanax or Ambien put me to sleep because they do something to my brain that chills it out and I'm out before I know it. However I don't have either of those drugs and was hoping to avoid them since they are a short term solution. But since I'd practically do anything for sleep right now I'm thinking about making an appointment with a doctor. Sleep deprivation is literally making me sick.

    After a sleepless week last week I did some research and have been taking 1g Tryptophan+1g Valerian+.5g Melatonin at night. This worked ok until tonight. Tonight I just laid there inside my head while I felt the supps affect my body. I've had this happen before when I tried other OTC ideas for sleeping. Years ago I took two caps of Nyquil hoping to sleep and instead had one of the worst nights of my life just laying there awake with nasty chemicals running through my veins.

    I've taken Theanine and Passion Flower Extract and they are good for anxiety but do nothing for sleep for me since I feel a stimulant effect on them.

    Aside from trying Kava Kava or Phenibut I don't know what else to try. Is there anything remotely close to producing the effect of Xanax?

    Thanks. I'm gonna try to get a couple of hours now.

  2. .5mg melatonin isn't enough to feel anything. Between 3-6mg is what you need to notice anything. I've tried quite a few sleep aids, and as far as OTC supplements go, without resorting to prescription things like ambien and what not, the only one that worked for me was need2sleep. I take it as a staple supplement, I use it 5 days on, and 2 days off. Basically I just take the weekends off of it and take something else on the weekends, and then go back to it throughout the week.

    Need to Sleep

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  3. I've been like that for a very, very long time. Actually I've always suffered from insomnia since I can remember,
    and I tried everything.. Nothing worked and what did work (heavy meds) made me groggy and pretty much unable to function the next day.
    No matter how tired I was

    Last year (I'm 33) and a half it went away completely, I sleep like a baby. For me it was 100% stress. I changed my job, my personal life/relationship also
    and my stress level went down *a lot*.
    The one supplement that (even tho' indirectly probably) helped me with that was Lean Xtreme, even if not meant for it I guess regulating cortisol/stress level
    if that's the cause, can really help with that.
    Not being able to sleep sucks big time, I feel you there, hope you get thru it
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  4. I agree with both these guys....but....there are so many variables that impact sleep quality it's nuts. Foods, timing of certain foods, room and body temperature, hormones (many directly and indirectly influence sleep and ability to fall asleep/stay asleep), stress levels, exercise volume and timing, room darkess, adopting rigid/consistent sleep/awake time patterns, caffeinated products (even in early part of the day), cortisol levels, thyroid, gear intake, using electronic devices at night/pre-bed, too many to list.

    As such, the actual process of finding what it is that will work for you is not accomplished without further frustration. Trial and error sort of thing.

    Do yourself a favor and look into/read about sleep architecture and hygeine as these will assist you in developing a more sensible strategy unique to your individual needs. This will at the very at least provide a platform for you to begin with; ensuring that you have the basics down.

    I've been dealing with this issue for 5+ years on/off and every time I think I have it all figured out, it seems as if I have to try something new again (supps wise) aggravating.
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  5. no doubt. Whacked is right. If you have other variables in the equation like he mentions the best sleep aid in the world ain't gonna help man.

  6. Otc benadryl?

  7. dude i know you say you dont want to use xanax but sounds like you dont have much choice. theres nothing wrong with xanax when taken properly prescribed and if you need it you need it. the big issue with xanax is coming off after long use. you need a psychiatrist to help you come off of it as most general pract arent that exactly experts on those types of drugs.

  8. As someone who frequently travels to the other side of the world adjusting to new sleep patterns suck and I feel your pain man.ambien is great for me as well but I use that very sparingly as to not develop dependence

    as most said .5 mg of melatonin is nothing. I find 3mg the perfect spot for me.

    I just got here last month where I presently am and the first few days were rough adjusting, up al night etc.

    Nimbus's poseidon NT with some melatonin is great to help chill you out.

    Applied nutraceuticals LIPO pm and melatonin also is a great relaxer. once you get your room in order and your ready for bed try these combo's first for a few days to see how they do before you turn to scripts Deployed blogging

  9. And I'm up. Got a couple of crappy hours of sleep from 8am-11am or so. Certainly better than zero.

    Thanks to you all for the replies. This is helpful.

    I was trying .5g Melatonin because I read many reports that if you dose too high it will keep you up and that .5g was a good starting dose.

    Looking at the ingredients of 'Need2Sleep' it looks like I have the same stuff (L-Tryptophan instead of 5-HTP) but my dosage was very different.

    I'll try to mimic the dosage of 'Need2Sleep' and see if that helps. Gotta say 6g Melatonin seems extreme.

  10. I'd start with 3mg on the melatonin. Many also like to take just one cap of need2sleep, since the serving size is 2 caps, 1 cap gives you 3mg of melatonin. But if you have the raw ingredients, then yah, start with 3mg of it and see how it treats you

  11. Try 50mg benadryl before you get a script for anything...puts me in a near coma. I could be a rare case though
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  12. Nocturnabol and 1g of valerian knocks me out.

  13. I used to have a very hard time sleeping as well. But after my last deployment i've been sleeping like a baby now that i'm home. But before all this i tried almost everything like yourself. A few things did work for me, my last caffeinated beverage would be at 12pm no caffeine after that, had a completely dark room, supplement wise i got a good nights sleep from CL's REDuction P.M. , App Nuts Lipotrophin PM, and MST's ZMK with Somnidren. All three of those supplements would help me relax and wouldn't leave me feeling groggy in the morning. I would def look into one of them if you haven't tried them.

  14. Do you have this problem even on workout days? I would suggest you have a bedtime routine as well as a set bedtime so that your body starts to wind down at a certain time each night. Also echo the suggestion of the previous poster on getting blackout blinds. I would also try transdermal magnesium as it really has a relaxing effect.
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  15. very very good advice here.try a few of these tips and see how they go.

  16. Melatonin, valerian root, GABA, ZMA, Benadryl. Those are some options that some people find to be helpful. I've tried them all with mixed results. I have Animal PM that I use on occasion and seems to be decent.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  17. Benadryl is ridiculous, it makes my body numb then knocks me out. I love that stuff but it has me feeling weird the next day. Tylenol PM works great also, good luck and I hope you find a solution.

  18. As someone mentioned, reduction PM and Blue GrowtH help to put me out.

    You mentioned xanax. If you relied on this before, coming off it really messes with your sleep schedule.

    St johns wort, valerian root, 5htp, tryptophan are natural and will help. Maybe a small dose of phenibut for extreme cases.

    Ultimately, your goal should be to find out why your not sleeping. You mentioned stress. Perhaps therapy or meditation. Try to fix it at the root.

    Melatonin is great, especially when stacked with something like blue growth. On top of the sleep aid in blue growth, alot of ppl including myself notice a relaxing/stress reducing properties as well.

    I would increase your melatonin, and perhaps try reading before bed. Also, stress reducing techniques like meditation are fantastic. Sometimes when I cannot fall asleep I count my breathes. One inhale one exhale = 1. Try to count to 1000. I usually am out before I reach 100. Its a meditation technique that slows down your mind, focuses it on something else other than stressful issues of the day.

    Good luck and let me know if theres anything else I can help with.

  19. zma > 40 mins later 3-5mg melatonin

    works great for me

  20. Hey guys, I just wanted to check back in on this in case anyone else is suffering from insomnia.

    None of the supplements ended up consistently helping me sleep. The thing that did the trick was and is meditation. I do 30 minutes daily. I've been doing this since last October or so. I highly recommend it to anyone. I did a vipassana meditation course about 8 years ago and I use some of the techniques that I learned there but I'm sure you'd get great benefits from most any technique. Just google some reading about it if you're interested or looking for improved sleep and energy.

    I find that even if I don't get 8 hours of sleep that I'm not that tired throughout the day. I'm not sure how it works but I just think of meditation as mental exercise. My brain feels much healthier and calmer now. It's not some drastic mystical change but just a subtle calmness.

    If you're having trouble sleeping, hang in there, I know how miserable insomnia is and last year I thought I'd be needing ambien for the rest of my life. Try lots of different things and you'll eventually figure yourself out.

  21. I'd give Ergobolic a tried....this doesn't necessary knock you out but it gave me deep sleep.

    you could stack it with something that does knock u out

  22. Our inhibit p agmatine and zma might work well for a natural sleep aid
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  23. 1g valarian root.. 500mg l-theanine.. 50mg benedryl.. out like a light for me.

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  24. I also don't know what kind of supplements you use, but if you are even in the market for a test booster, give intimidate a look, because one of its main effects, is great, deep, quality sleep.. knocks a lot of people out. I wouldnt jump on it just for sleep.. but if you use test boosters, it would be worth a shot.

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  25. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    I also don't know what kind of supplements you use, but if you are even in the market for a test booster, give intimidate a look, because one of its main effects, is great, deep, quality sleep.. knocks a lot of people out. I wouldnt jump on it just for sleep.. but if you use test boosters, it would be worth a shot.

    ^good point. I definitely feel like my quality of sleep improves drastically while using Intimidate. Normally I don't get a lot of quality sleep but Intimidate definitely helped with that.

    Also started using 1 g valerian root like you suggested mike. Haven't had as much trouble getting to sleep as of late (considering I've been an insomniac the past 2 months I'm pretty happy)
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