I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

  1. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

    Ok, so here is my story. I am 21, 5'10 145 pounds. I've been lifting on and off since i was 17, lifting consistently for the past 6 months. I am very ripped (cause im skinny) but no matter what I do i cant put any weight on my body. Now i know all of you are gonna say protein, eat more, sleep more etc. but i've tried all that for years now and it doesn't work for me!! Ive changed my diet, and drank so much protein that im sick of it! haha

    The only thing that helped me put a few pounds on was UP YOUR MASS. I took a tub of that and gained 2 pounds, but as soon as that tub ran out i lost that 2 pounds within a day or so. Creatine makes me alot stronger and helps me rip up, but i never get any weight on from anything i try!!

    I need everyone on heres help, I really want to gain 15 pounds and keep it. Although it seems impossible for me i am wanting to listen to what everyone here thinks i should do.

    Another thing i would like some input on would be test boosters. I know im only 21 but im to the point now where im willing to try anything that is legal! lol
    I was thinking about taking Methyl Arimatest, or maybe Pink Magic but before i do that i wanted to see what everyone thought about that idea. Anything that can help me i am willing to try. Any supplements that may help? Please help me out!

  2. Right off the bat, most on here are going to ask what your diet is. As the most important aspect for good, solid weight gain will be your diet. Supplementation will come after.

    Lets get a look at how you eat and how you train. From there, we can all help is supplement recommendations.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  3. bingo. Give us an idea of what a daily food intake looks like for you and we will go from there grasshopper. Shakes along aren't gonna get it done...

  4. Basically, All ive ever been told is to get alot of carbs and calories in me. I try to take in as much healthy food as i can. If someone can maybe give me a better idea as for a diet, I would appreciate it. And then maybe i can get help on the supplement side of things.

    Again thanks for everything. AE14 I appreciate ur help and concern!

  5. That's great and all, but we need more than just "i try and eat as much healthy food as possible" Follow yourself and write down everything you eat for an entire day and calculate it out and get an idea how many overall calories you took in for the entire day. THEN we can start tweaking and getting you on the right track.

  6. Ok, I will do that. What are your guys thoughts on a test booster, I know im only 21. But what are the chances of this helping me out?

  7. zero until we have your diet on point

  8. To be completely honest with you guys, my diet is very inconsistent. I basically just eat when im hungry right now, im somewhat clueless on what a good diet for me is. I usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. You know, whatever that may be. I eat out way to much, I just need an idea on what a good diet for me is. I dont eat good enough obviously, I havent been going out of my way to eat alot lately because i dont know how much i should eat or what to eat in order to gain weight. On average i usually take in around 1500 calories a day.

  9. Not enough to gain weight, pal... you need to really eat. A lot of clean foods, aided by protein shake(s)... but you need to eat more than "here and there" and "whatever breakfast, lunch and dinner are." You need to plan, track, stay consistent, use FitDay.

  10. Diet.
    Breakfast 6 egg whites with turkey bacon and oatmeal. Can even add in some toast and honey.
    Mid morning snack banana and p nut butter.
    Lunch chicken turkey fish with rice and green veggie
    Afternoon snack peanuts and raisins.
    Dinner steak with carbs and veggie or just veggie or swap chicken from steak.
    From there u can do leans meats throughout this as well as a shake or 2. Try that and u should get some good gains.


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