changes to NO xplode?

  1. changes to NO xplode?

    ummm ok first off not a huge fan of the stuff but it was one of the first i tried, but....

    is it just me or does the new formula not look any different than the last one?
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  2. havent looked, I have a 10 serving of the 2.0 coming (won it on FB)...

    I personally like NO explode - I know alot dont but it works great for me. When I get it I will do a comparative review of 1.0 vs 2.0
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  3. they are always switching up stuff in that der no explode.

    it was best when it would blow off the top of your shaker if you mixed it up with the lid on. even after, you would have to keep releasing the air out, and it would taste a little fizzy.

    it's a shame.

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