Any Universal nutrition stacks?

  1. Ideas for animal pak, or any universal nutrition?

    I am getting hooked on Universal nutrition supplements, but right now I am having a hard figuring out what would be the best way to go with the powders, and capsules, I would like to take one of each but, I do not yet know the stack that would fit my needs!

    *muscle MASS

    I have been getting toned by Animal cuts, with just the right foods, and most of all my workouts!
    Pretty soon I will finish the animal cuts and try both a powder and capsule from universal nutrition,
    I am just afraid of losing the definition when moving on to another supplement!

    Anyone have suggestions?

  2. I've had good results with M-stak and Test. Test is quite pricey though, I ran 2 cans back to back and had some good gains. Not sure that I'd run it again, it is effective but if I'm going to drop that money I'd rather go all out and do a PH cycle. M-stak is cheap and effective though, eat a ton of protein on it and it should work well. If you haven't tried Rage I'd recommend that if you're wanting a powder, insane focus and energy which will lead to increased strength and mass just because it will give you that extra push each time at the gym. Shock Therapy is good too but Rage tops it in the focus department.

  3. i tried nitro shock therapy when animal first released it, fruit punch flavor, it tasted nasty, but it was probably d/t it being fruit punch more than anything.

    I havn't used any other animal products besides animal stak 2, but it is a great test booster.

    if you really want to stay cut up and lean, nutra has formestane & supress c both each for less than 24 bucks.

    Products by Competitive Edge Labs | H-Drol | M-Drol | P-Plex

    stack the two of those with w/e else you're planning on using, and enjoy the gains.

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