Dosing trifecta stack

  1. Dosing trifecta stack

    I'm starting my second week and have been following the kit's dosage chart. I've been taking 4 m1d and 4 mmv3 evenly dosed two morning and two evening. However, I've been reading posts about dosing one pill at a time evenly throughout the day, so one morning then one per every six hours. Would even doses throughout the day be better than half morning and half evening?

  2. I don't feel you would see much of a difference in dosing protocols. If anything, i would probably dose m1d morning and pre workout (if you workout in the afternoon/evening. And dose the mmv around lunchtime and then dinner time.

  3. Should I start to notice changes around end of week 2? I've read so many conflicting reviews of trifecta. I'm not looking for crazy gains but hoping for a mild ph gain of a few pounds. I've been eating 300 grams protein and 300 carbs with only good fats. I've also started the Doggcrapp program. Hoping this stack is a real deal.

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