Anyone want to prove a test booster supplement here's your chance!!

  1. Anyone want to prove a test booster supplement here's your chance!!

    I'm getting bloodwork tommorow... Been off every supplement for 3 months.... So who wants to see what a month of a certain test booster does?

    Any companies want to prove there product? If so I'll take my pre blood test result and after a month on your product and a log I'll take after blood test results...

    Who's wants to prove their products work? Stacks welcome also...

  2. Actually would like to see some independent blood work on fadogia.

  3. Fadogia... Hmm.. Sounds interesting... How much a day you think?

  4. subbed on this one. Lets see what company is willing to jump on this. Id be interested in seeing what works.

  5. Well the recommended seems to be 500mg x 3 a day. Cheap too. For all the push it's had to say it boosts test, there's been a company that removed it from their formula for LOWERING test. I've personally found a bit weird. Had it in a stack recently with Triazole and TestoPRO, stopped taking it for a day or so and actually felft stronger and seem to perform better. Was experimenting cause I'd ended up feeling kinda crappy. It's starting to turn up in more formulas, so would be interesting to get a independent blood test.

    Either that of one the the new bulbine supplements would be cool to get some real world labs.

    Maybe worth trying to grab iForce for the bulbine one. Maybe even for fadogia. Just think that it would be great to focus in on an ingredient, rather then a big blend where it could be anything and would be applied as information across more products


  7. Subbed for results... whatever have you.
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  8. daa solo or biof v3 solo

  9. Maybe iforce is looking good. Becusse I'm kinda curious as to builbine also.

  10. subd

  11. Test results should be back within a weeks time they said. Just got tested for test because it was well free haha.


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