Starting a GS emonster cycle soon...

  1. Starting a GS emonster cycle soon...

    Whats up everyone? Im wanting to cycle superdrol and would like some tips and suggestions. First off im 21 5'8'' and 170lbs. Been lifting pretty much since I was an early teen but the last two years ive really gotten into the body-building life style. I just wanna know what I should be taking with the emonster and for a pct. Ive done as much research as anyone can do, but theres always more questions that can be asked.

    I think im gonna buy some pro liver and take that two weeks prior the sdrol cycle. Im going to take a multi-vitamin, and fish oil throughout the whole process. Also gonna buy some red yeast rice...For the pct the guy at the store sold me some GS pct. I asked him if it was the samething as nolvadex and he said yes. He told me noone makes nolvadex anymore lol. If this GS pct replaces the nolvadex would else should I add to the pct? Ive heard of 6-oxo, rebound -xt, fenugreek caps, and DHEA. I think the guy at the store thinks the gs pct is the only thing I need for my pct but I dont think so. My question is What should I add to my pct? And where is the best place to purchase them? Any responses are appreciated!!

  2. Damn you guys dont like to reply to threads on here or what?

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    You're too young.
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  4. I heard atleast 21. Do you have any info regarding pct? I basically have this figured out just wanted some suggestions.

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