Calcium pyruvate+DAA=not good?

  1. Calcium pyruvate+DAA=not good?

    Im currently taking DAA,Inhibit-e,jungle warfare,7-keto,ala,sans t3 etc. and wondering if adding calcium pyruvate would affect any of the above? i heard somewhere that DAA will loose its effect when taken with calcium,is that true?

  2. Do you have a reference to that statement ? (That DAA lose its effect when combined with calcium) ?

    I find it really hard to believe and I haven't encountered any negativity when combining mine with calcium.. Also, there are manufactors who makes DAA with calcium chelate, and I haven't experienced any lesser results from those...

  3. I do know that DAA's solubility increases alot when combined with Calcium-chelate...

  4. what a ridiculous stack. what were you thinking when you thought it up? I'm not knocking you, just curious.

    JW should not be used unless it is still 6dmt, in which case it shouldn't be stacked with anything. ATD is not a good product for a host of reasons. and all of your fat burning products thrown in? what is the goal of your supplementation?

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