Hello all, have read this forum for a while, but first time posting. Have been lifting seriously for a few years now, but my gains have come to quite the fault. I looked into prohormones about a year ago, but kind of blew it up. I started researching again about a month ago and have proposed a cycle of Havoc as my first prohormone. Here's what it looks like, criticism is great.

Week 1: Preload Hawthorne berry 2g a day and celery seed 1.5 grams a day
Week 2: Preload hawthorne berry 2g a day and celery seed 1.5 grams a day

Cycle: Havoc 30/30/30/30
(I'm thinking of doing 10 the first day, and 20 the second day, to get my body up to par. I will start doing the full 30 Wednesday.
Ai cycle support 2 scoops daily
Himalaya Liv.52

Pct: nolva at 20/20/10/10
Activate xtreme and lean xtreme
Himalaya Liv.25
AI Post Cycle Support

Alright so I got a couple questions on things I am confused on. When should I start the lean xtreme and activate xtreme? Some say to start the activate xtreme 2 weeks into pct to let nolvadex do as much as it can. And I haven't really gotten any opinions on when to start lean xtreme.

Also, I am purchasing the nolvadex from the website extremepeptides.com
The bottle is 20mg x 30ml. What exactly does this mean? Is this enough to run the 20/20/10/10

Any help is appreciated, thank you all!
Any advice appreciated. Thanks!