***Triangle Stack Final Review*** (sponsored)

  1. ***Triangle Stack Final Review*** (sponsored)

    First of all, I would like to thank CopyCat for letting me run this stack! i really enjoyed it.

    First Thoughts on Stack Was very excited. Body Mortar looked very interesting to me. I have only taken an intra workout a few times before. The powder of Body Mortar was very unique. Reminded me of silky grains. Hyper X smelled bad and came with cotton the size of my small intestine. Pump Fixx came with enough servings to last me for more than a month.

    Taste BM tasted AMAZING. loved the lemonade flavor. Pump Fixx tasted pretty good as well. Overall Taste for the stack 9/10

    Pump The pump lasted throughout the workout and usually saw/felt the pump within a few sets 9/10

    Mixing Ability BM Carb Free mixes terrible. You have to shake it ALOT to get all the grains mixed well. 5/10

    Endurance Endurance with this stack was amazing. Reminds me of Drive/Lit Up stack. 10/10

    Appetite Appetite did not change which is good 10/10

    Strength Strength increased weekly. If you followed my log, I had a few PRs in there. 10/10

    Overall, this stack was decent. I would totally buy Body Mortar again and i plan to very soon.
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  2. tattoopierced1
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    Good review.. remember, try the freezing method for the BM to get it to mix better.

  3. ya i have yet to do that. keep forgetting
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  4. Awesome! Glad you had a good run with the stack. Much appreciative of the log too man.
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