Pre-workout for enhanced aggression

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    I'm leaning toward Bullnox now maybe with some DAA. How does this sound?
    Sounds like something worth giving a shot.
    I'm Back...

  2. i dont reccomend jp8 man. i almost puked everytime i took it. Till this day i can still smell that nasty ass grape flavor. and it also made me have a weird breakout around my mouth area and it didnt go away till a couple months after i was off.

  3. hmmm agression.... and motivation...

    1 scoop maximize
    with a nice 90mg a day of 19-nor oughtta do ya great....

    for me a solid test booster got me moving though... LOTS of icarrin in it would help.
    New-Man Nutrition Services
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  4. I have to say Blue Gene for this one.

    Gives you clean energy and aggression.

    Preworkouts give me a kick but not "aggressive" like a good ole test booster does.


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