Arterial plaquing from low estro?

  1. Arterial plaquing from low estro?

    Saw my doc last week. I let him know I was on some low dose OTC AI's (Erase).

    He said get off asap (LOL) as when one's estro levels are low, arterial plaquing setting the stage for heart attacks/strokes. semi-annual blook work we discussed showed that my lipid panel was very healthy (HDL's were HIGH, LDL+TRI's were low side of normal range and TOTAL cholesterol only 150). Actually, my lipid profile is always squeaky clean (knock on wood)

    He said that was irrelevant to some degree as it relates to plaquing then he went off on some tangent i didnt understand about the lipid panel didnt reveal everything regarding this matter.

    For what it's worth, my CRP levels were healthy too.


  2. Hmm I know that low estrogen can cause low HDL levels and high LDL levels, which then can cause aterial plaque build up, however I have never heard of some other pathway that low estrogen causes buildup, how does that happen with good HDL levels anyone

    And for what it's worth, not all general practitioners know what they are talking about especially with hormone manipulation, they're more of a jack of all trades master of no e IMO, however some docs have vastly more knowledge than others

  3. Thanks ....anyone else

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