What should I do or Take Now??

  1. What should I do or Take Now??

    Hey guys

    Not sure where I stand now with trying something else.

    My first PH about 2 months ago I cycled Epi. I trained hard and ate hard but clean. I added mostly mass about 10lbs. which I lost most trying to cut.

    Now I'm on Halotest 25 (2 weeks) which I'm not sure anything is kicking in yet.

    About 10 years ago I did Anabolics (Sustanon 250,DBOL, Test Cyp,EQ) which as no surprise gave great results.

    Do you think These PH are "weak"for my receptors after cycling the above?

    What do you suggest at this point?

  2. whats stopping you going back on test ? if you can get the real deal , why bother with ph?

    also this wants moving now to anabolics section

  3. Kinda lost my point of contact and not sure where to get it now.

    BTW, aren't there any PH that gives lean hard gains?
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