Less sups? Good idea or?

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  1. Less sups? Good idea or?

    Hi guys i spend like 100 on sups every month and its deart! As im 20 year old student so i was thinking... Insted of me spendin my money on sups couldd i just get a whey sup and abd use it one time aday? Strait after workout? That will help money wise as i normly have 3 severing aday witch is 6 scoops .. By me doing this il be having 2 scoops aday ... Will this be ok?

  2. Yes is it will be ok, just replace your protein from whey with food. Buy some bulk creatine, beta-alanine, caffiene tabs, and whey, fish oil, multi

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    More isn't always better. Especially when you're that young, it's not that big of a deal.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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  4. Its pretty rare that I use 3 servings of whey in a week. Buy more real food

  5. IMO the industry makes us believe we need all those supplements.

    What really works is creatine mono, beta al and protein.

    Regarding protein: I know a lot of muscular naturals using less than 200gr of protein a day. Unless you are a heavy guy or you juice, there is no reason to eat 3-400grams a day...

  6. Thanks guys i normaly take 3 severings ofwhey aday! Including my food ....so thats a huge help

    Im trying to sort out my diet im 182bls and i look bulky more then lean i ordered a p mag ( ph/steriod ) but people from this website helped me out alot andi got rid if it.
    I aint ready for a steriod.

    Has any1 got a idea of a good lean diet i messed my self up abit by orddered 2 monthsworth of muscle fuel anabolic andused. Twice the amount stupid i know but theguy from the store tricked me lol i was a noob!

    I was having over 5000 cals aday! Lol i went from 9 stone to 13 witching 2 months no lie either!

    Im was abit bulky had some bf aswell but iv made it look better lol i aint got a bely or nothing lol im just not lean

    So any1 coukd help witha lean good cal diet please ? Thanks

  7. Just try to hit 3000 calories, and shoot to get 60g of solid protein per meal with 3 meals, or 30g per meal if you are doing 6 meals. Spread the calories as evenly as you can, avoid sugar and then adjust total calories as you go. There isn't any need for a super specific diet.

  8. Somehow, the less supplements I buy, the happier I am with my results. I think we expect too much of these things that, for the most part, do very little.

  9. Thats what i think i mean i but my whey abd its a ok tub i look in it and its half full it last me for 2 weeks and thats it! Ok ima do this **** man i realy want to be 200bls lean thats my goal with around 8 to 9% bf i know alot to ask for because im only 5,6 lol im irish

    Right 4 meals sounds easyer i have slways been told tgat your body can only take 30g of protine at 1 time so taking 4 meals with 60g of protine??

    This is what im thinkin as nuch as i can but it dont add up to 3000

    8am 5egg whites 2 yolks ( large eggs ) with 100g of weetabix

    11am 100g of oats with 130g tuna
    ( hard to eat )

    230pm 120g of steak with 80g of pasta
    ( would do brown rice but i have no clue how to cook it )

    330pm gym till 5pm then shake 50g of protine

    620pm 200g of chicken with 2 slice brown bread and veg ( light butter )

    930pm 60g of cottage cheese with 100g of beans

    So is that ok? Or will i need to mix it up ... I dont know if i should take pasta after workout ?

    Thanks alot

  10. brown rice cooks the same as white rice. As far as protein per meal goes, you can easily take in as much as 60-80g of solid protein. a steak can take as much as 6-8 hours to digest thoroughly so its spread over time. Taking more than 30g of whey in one serving is mostly a waste because of how it digests.

  11. Ohh umm lol ok so how should i do it ? If you got any ideas il 100% go for it because im stuck i havin moved from 182bls in 2 months and i trainin hard aswel

  12. well, i don't have a specific diet I follow. I shoot for calorie targets at each meal. So for me breakfast could be 6 whole eggs with half a pound of bacon or 4 whole eggs and a cup of dry oatmeal made with a cup of milk plus some walnuts, or could be a leftover chicken with bananas and bread. The details aren't critical, the macro distribution isn't critical. You don't have enough fats in what you have above though, theres no reason to get rid of the yolks on the eggs, and you should add some nuts as well for more good fats

  13. But wouldnt fats make me fater? As i want to lean out i do 10 min cardio afyer each workout...

    So you think i should duble? Say il have 2 cans of tuna fish and 2 steaks insted of one? Like that bro?

  14. fats won't make you fatter, taking in too many calories will. Not getting in enough fat lowers your testosterone levels....

    And doubling up on the steak or tuna would be fine. Other than convenience or for tastes sake, there isn't any real value in you eating more than 180g of protein a day. Anything over that pretty much gets used for fuel as if it were carbs or fat

  15. Ok bro thanks il try it out i didnt want to eat to much yoolk as it may be bad for your heart? Lol il do what i stated but up my meat abd 2 cans tunna fish ... I heard you can get mercry from tunna if you eat to much? Is that truwme or?

    As for pasta you think i should do rice insted bro?

  16. yolks aren't bad for your heart, theres no evidence of that. It was part of a theory that never was proven true (but got plenty of publicity). 2 cans of tuna isn't terrible, most tuna has miniscule mercury amounts.

    brown rice would be better than pasta definitely. And add nuts, natural peanut butter, etc. You really aren't getting enough healthy fats in what you are eating for general health, much less optimum bodybuilding. 30% of your calories should come from healthy fats.

  17. Realy? Ok hows this

    5 whole eggs 100g of weetabix

    100g of oats with 130g of tuna

    240g of steak 100g of brown rice


    200g of fresh chicken with veg 2 slice brown bread

    120g of tunna

    100g of cottage cheesse with 100g of beans ..

    Milk here and the mre with joice plenty of water and fish oil mutivits

    Cardio 10 mins 3 times aweek abb work 3 times aweek

    This ok?

  18. thats ok, i'd still add nuts or avacado to some of the later meals.

  19. Ok hows money nuts bro?

  20. i'd go with almonds or walnuts, and maybe 1/4 cup with each of 2 meals

  21. Ok il try it out thanks bro

  22. Easy, can you explain a lil more how anything over your bodyweight in protein is used as fuel and has no value? thanks

  23. I would still take Pro, BCAA, fish oil, good multi vit. aside that a good diet and training program will build you muscle. at 20yrs old your natural production should still be pretty high.

    You dont need 3 shakes a day, or drinking 35g's of BCAA's but there is still a place for them.

  24. Ohh right ok bro thanks... You saw what i posted as a diet? That look ok? I do take fish oil and mutivits aswel bro

  25. Quote Originally Posted by SweetLou321 View Post
    Easy, can you explain a lil more how anything over your bodyweight in protein is used as fuel and has no value? thanks
    well, real world from actual medical studies it takes about .4g/lb or so up to a tops of .6/lb for heavily training athlete to maintain muscle mass. So say for a 200lb guy max he needs to maintain is 120g. If he takes in 200g, he's got 80 surplus grams of protein a day. Muscle tissue has approx 160g of protein in it. so he's got enough surplus protein there to add a pound every other day which even on a high anabolic cycle isn't likely (remember thats a pound of actual muscle, not weight).

    All the amino acids other than Leucine and Lysine are gluconeogenic - they can be converted into glucose. If you are taking in more protein than maintenance plus what your body is using to build more muscle tissue, it just gets converted into glucose as if it were carbs to begin with.

    So its not really a waste, just that the extra pound of beef costs more than a pound of cooked brown rice so if money is an issue its not worth it to eat more protein than that, particularly using shakes (as since they digest so fast they tend to give a pretty big insulin spike as they get converted into glucose).


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