Less sups? Good idea or?

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  1. Ur a smart feker lol uno ur **** huh lol

  2. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    well, real world from actual medical studies it takes about .4g/lb or so up to a tops of .6/lb for heavily training athlete to maintain muscle mass. So say for a 200lb guy max he needs to maintain is 120g. If he takes in 200g, he's got 80 surplus grams of protein a day. Muscle tissue has approx 160g of protein in it. so he's got enough surplus protein there to add a pound every other day which even on a high anabolic cycle isn't likely (remember thats a pound of actual muscle, not weight).

    All the amino acids other than Leucine and Lysine are gluconeogenic - they can be converted into glucose. If you are taking in more protein than maintenance plus what your body is using to build more muscle tissue, it just gets converted into glucose as if it were carbs to begin with.

    So its not really a waste, just that the extra pound of beef costs more than a pound of cooked brown rice so if money is an issue its not worth it to eat more protein than that, particularly using shakes (as since they digest so fast they tend to give a pretty big insulin spike as they get converted into glucose).
    F in the A. I was doing 1.5g per lb for years. Just bumped it down to 1.25g per lb. Guess ill bump it down even more. Like you said, carbs and fats are cheaper.

  3. yeah, but in general I like proteins more so i just shoot for the minimum of 1g per pound, but i'm not anal about keeping it to that.

  4. I like proteins more too. I wont go down to 1g per lb but i will eat a lil less. Its not a big deal to me. Besides gives me some room to bump protein up when i cut lol

  5. Bro so you said before that its pountless of taking 50g of protine after workout as of how it works why is this? Should i take only 1 scoop insted of 2? Thsnks

  6. Yeah, just use 1 scoop. Whey digests and absorbs fast, but also gets used fast so more than 30g from whey is pretty useless

  7. I dont count my protein intake but i always make sure i have my 23g isolate drink right after my workout and another about 45min-hour after that. I try to concentrate on eatting real food in the form of well rounded meals and couldnt be happier. I say cut out the nonsense and eat food along with the basics.

  8. Ok il just take 24g of protine after workout thanks

  9. spend money on things that are actually useful, vegetables. you dont eat any vegetables and to make healthy muscle gains you need to have a healthy body. once you nail down 5-7 servings of vegetables daily, add fish oil and vitamins. i prefer to buy vitamins separately rather than a multi, because a multi doesnt contain as much as i need. whey is good because it absorbs fast so when you wanna maintain a positive nitrogen balance (post workout) and you cant really eat, whey is a good choice.
    BJJ = life

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Pika View Post
    Ok il just take 24g of protine after workout thanks
    BJJ = life

  11. Thanks your right i dont eat much veggy i mostly eat some veggy after workout so il try put in more tho

  12. Yh sry lol i cant spell that good i know lmao .... My diet is **** for the last 3 to 4 days as im waitin to have my money tomorrow and get all the stuff i need so thanks for that ima hot thus **** harder then ever before on monday


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