Post workout protein

  1. Post workout protein

    I've been using 1st Phorm's Phormula-1 for about a month now post workout mixed with their product Ignition. My question is, as this stuff is relatively expensive (for me), is it really necessary. I've read and heard people talk about the "stuff in the 5lb containers" not being as good. Though one thing for the Phormula-1 the taste is great.

    I've only heard that though, not sure where they are getting their information. So my question is, could I just go with the Optimum Nutrition's 100% Whey Gold Standard mixed with some Dextrose and get similar results?

    Is it just hype? A quote from their site.

    "Ignition was formulated to go with Phormula-1 to help replenish glycogen levels and spike your insulin to drive the protein in Phormula-1 directly into your muscle cells after training. Without providing a source of glycogen for your body after training, you run the risk of a portion of your Phormula-1 being wasted or being converted in the body to glycogen instead of being used for muscle recovery."

    I feel like I am just spending my money on some overpriced supplements here and would like to trim my supplement budget where I can as a father of 2 and the only one with the income in the family.

  2. Sure it will... Just get onwhey... Just as good!

  3. Everyone is going to have their favorites. Some guys will swear by a blend (Myofusion/XF), some guys will only drink isolate and some will be fine with concentrate. For me, i take 1 scoop Myofusion 1 scoop Lipotropic post workout and it works/tastes great.

  4. if you want a protein use an isolate if you can,
    personally its 1 scoop of musclepharms recon for the BCAA carbs and antioxidents then 30min later a 35g shake
    you should check it out, we have an all new Orange Mango Recon coming out soon!
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  5. if budget is tight don't throw your money away on designer protein.

  6. What about Maltodextrin vs. Dextrose?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    I prefer pure isolate for post workout. That's just me, though.
    agreed, i always have although recently I tried a few samples of vpx's post workout product no synthsize and damn did i feel good pwo. might buy some and give it a try.

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    I prefer pure isolate for post workout. That's just me, though.
    So you just get your glycogen supplies refilled at another time? Or possibly from your intra-workout drink? Forgive my newbness on this topic, I'm trying to learn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pezz View Post
    What about Maltodextrin vs. Dextrose?
    That's a whole 'nother can of

    Quote Originally Posted by Pezz View Post
    So you just get your glycogen supplies refilled at another time? Or possibly from your intra-workout drink? Forgive my newbness on this topic, I'm trying to learn.
    No worries on asking questions, bro - that's what this site is here for. Now, when it comes to questions that have very easy answers and you don't take the time to search, be prepared to be flamed lol.

    I vary what I do. Normally, I'll go with a BCAA mixture drank intra-workout (no carbs). I'll have an isolate shake pretty close to immediately after I finish my lifting. About an hour to an hour and a half later, I'll have a whole food meal high in protein and complex carbs.

    I work out in the evenings after work, though, so I don't finish until about 6 PM. That being said, I like my carbs post, but I try to keep them fairly low since I'm going to bed around 10-11.

    Sometimes, I'll add ground oats to my isolate or mix with some skim milk for a little bit of sugar. When I'm cutting, that's rare, though.

    What you'll come to find out is that everyone has their preferences. Try a few ways out and see what works best for you. I'd recommend trying each for at least a week straight, then try another and see if it's better or worse for you.

    For me, the thought process of keeping carbs out of my post-workout shake is to allow natural GH output to stay increased (blunted by taking in carbohydrates) and thus allow fat-burning to stay a little higher until that whole food meal. I know Layne said he was working on an article about natural GH output, but I haven't seen it yet. From his comments, I was thinking he was getting at it not being high enough to mean a thing.

  10. So to throw in a monkey wrench, rather than other designer wheys, or even isolate my prefence would be ON's Hydrowhey or potentially PeptoPro (but its soooo expensive). Largely though it depends on the rest of your diet and the timing of workout as to whether there is any real value to a post workout shake or adding carbs.

    The only studies i've found showing postworkout carbs with protein to be any different than protein alone were studies done on people doing first thing in the morning fasted training. And in my opinion if you are eating solid food proteins the rest of your meals, working out like that is the only time theres even a point to a postworkout shake at all.

    If you have a meal at 3pm with 6oz of steak, that steak takes 4-5 hours to digest, releasing somewhere between 8-10g of protein as aminos into your bloodstream. If you work out at 6pm, there is still plenty of spare aminos in bloodstream to get you through to even 8pm and a full meal then. If anything most of the time a protein shake postworkout will end up refilling glycogen stores as most of it will go through gluconeogenisis.


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