Do I need a break?

  1. Do I need a break?

    I' ve just finished a bottle of Dymatize Z-Force. I took it for improving my sleep, but with zero results...This is the composition:

    Amount Per 4 Capsules % DV
    Zinc 30mg 200%
    Magnesium 450mg 113%
    Vitamin B6 11mg 525%
    Potassium 10mg <1%
    Vitamin C 250mg 417%
    Vitamin E 100IU 333%
    Proprietary Anabolic Herbal Blend 780mg *
    Tribulus Terrestris Extract (Standardized For Steriodal Saponins), Mucuna Puriens (Seeds Standardized For L-Dopa), Polypodium Vulgare (Suma Root Standardized For 20-Hydroxyecdysone)
    LPC(Lysophosphatidylcholine) 100mg *
    NAC(N-Acetyl Cysteine) 200mg *

    Now I would like to stack DS Activate Extreme with Erase for 6 weeks. Do you think that it is better to wait the usual 3/4 weeks or can I start the new stack immediately?
    Then I was thinking of adding Erase only after the second week of Activate Extreme. Is it correct or is more convenient to start the 2 products togheter?

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    I think you'd be fine to jump onto it immediately from that. There shouldn't be too much test increased from that product, anyway. As far as adding Erase, you're fine to add it in when you suggest or run it all the way through, as well.
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