natural test boosters at 23?

  1. natural test boosters at 23?

    Hello AM,

    I am a 23 year old medical student, and I was looking into natural test boosters. I'm wondering what you guys think about their use at my age, will they be worth taking or is my hormonal output at this age still too high for them to have any real benefit? Thank you.

  2. You can benefit, sure.
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  3. Yea they will work for ya
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  4. Deads and squats!!!

  5. I agree with the above. I think you can benefit.
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  6. Im close to your age and I cycle through T boosters about every 4 months or so. I think they can be beneficial for us, especially Free Testosterone boosters.
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  7. definitely take some powerFULL!!!

  8. I'd recommend looking into some of the bulbine products like Phytoserms or Tropinol. I've had good results (for a test booster at least) with Phytoserms-347. The dosages can be tricky with bulbine though, so you definitely need to dose to your body-weight.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bonscott View Post
    Deads and squats!!!
    Yep. Deads & squats. Save your money.

  10. a "test booster" can cover so many things. Consider that different test boosters use different mechanisms, so some may be more beneficial given your individual circumstances than others. Once that increase free testosterone are nice, ones that also decrease estrogen tend to be nice as well.

  11. Agree with phytoserm...and also look into primordial performance testoterone recover stack...excellent products.

  12. they will definitely help you at your age. **** i am 21 and they help me profoundly. Dont look into getting most of the over marketed bull crap that these people are mentioning make your own. most of these companies put fillers like maltodextrin, corn starch, and many more, look into something called maral root and maca purienus

  13. I'm 25 and applying to PA school right now. Studying like a crazy ass constantly definitely has a neg impact on T levels. lol.

    For younger guys, nettle root is a great herb. It works to free up circulating testosterone, which is more useful for younger people that have a good amount of T to being with.

    The idea is if your T level is high to begin with, "boosting" your levels of total T isn't going to make much of a meaningful difference. Freeing up bound T will make more use of what you already have.

    Look for a high extract like Divanex.

  14. You could probably benefit but the results wont be a pronounced where as if you were late 30's or 40's you would probably be able to tell a bigger difference. If you are going to use some I would suggest DAA. Its cheap and effective. Alot of natty t boosters out there are too expensive and yield little results.
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