Best dosing time for ATD

  1. Best dosing time for ATD

    Gonna use ATD for a cut this summer.

    Week 1: 25 mg
    Week 2-5: 50 mg
    Week 6: 25 mg

    Just wondering when the best time to dose it is. I've heard some people suggest before bed, some people suggest upon waking.

    Seems to me if all your test is produced at night, and you want to free that up from being converted to estrogen, that it would be most logical to take it before bed.

    But I've also heard people say that your test levels are highest in the morning and estrogen levels are lowest and that is the time when you need to block estrogen conversion.

    What's the verdict?

    At night, or first thing in the morning???

  2. Before Bed is my favorite time.
    I'm Back...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Clickster View Post
    Before Bed is my favorite time.
    I've heard this said a few times to dose it at night.

  4. Estrogen peaks at night. So the best time IMO would be the late afternoon, maybe after a workout or with dinner.

    That way you will have it circulating by night time when the green estrogen monster comes out from hiding.

    They have never really investigated the half life from what I know.

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