PCT Question

  1. PCT Question

    I just had a quick question that deals with PCT. Can you take, or would it be ok, to take an NO product like Jack3d or Yok3d during the PCT period? I havent heard much about this so I was just wondering if anyone knew. thank you

  2. Yea its fine
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  3. Yeah, you're good to go. In fact, you're probably going to need it just to keep up the motivation. Coming off a cycle really sucks and you'll need every advantage you cant get. Good luck bro!

  4. Cool thanks. Just started my PCT after a H-drol cycle. The cycle was great. It was my second one with H-drol. No sides what so ever. I just wasnt too sure if it was safe but yeah i can see where the shut down and lethargy can come in because I have felt a bit more tired than usual but the results were great!

  5. thats perfectly fine, although u dont have to. i suggest taking Lit Up because it contains DAA and it can be beneficial during PCT
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  6. yup...no issues at all

  7. your gtg
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  8. good to go unless you have bp issues.

  9. I'm more curious as to why you think you can't taken them together. What did you read or hear that would even cause you to consider not being able to take both together. I am very curious.

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