1. Ultima/Sizeon/Flashover

    iv been reading alot about ultima and it looks pretty good. In the past iv taken sizeon and flashover and loved them both especially flashover. I was thinking about buying 1 of the 3 products. How would ultima compare to sizeon and flashover? thanks

  2. Well, flashover is a stim pre-workout, ultima is a non-stim pre-workout, while sizeon is an intra workout. So it all depends on what you are looking for at the moment.

    Personally, I am a pretty big fan of Ultima and size-on.

  3. i like the stim from flashover. but reading ultima it seems like it will give me more mass with its ingredients. so i figured ultima will be like sizeon as in weight gain.

  4. is that true or am i wrong

  5. None of them will add LBM per se, but the harder workouts will get you more muscle in the long run. Myself, I prefer Ultima standalone since it already hits your creatine needs with an effect blend.



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