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    I'm 18 years old and am currently stacking propadrol ep + Powerfull, ZMA before bed. I'm on my 3rd comeback week on the DC routine after the cruise phase and lately have been feeling a little out of it. My first comeback week was miserable then I've been slowly getting better as it goes. I've noticed less firmness in my muscles unlike with other test booster like prime or mass fx that I've previously taken. My libido is still normal but my drive for the gym has been pretty low lately. I've ordered PES erase to be added to my current stack to lower any potentially high estrogen from the propadrol ep as I've heard DAA raises estrogen. Any help will be greatly appreciated I just wanna go back to my old gym aggressive self and will be happy to drop propadrol and switch to something like prime

  2. Also as far as preformance wise since I am on the DC routine I usually make some sort of progress every week. But I've been noticing this has slowed down a lot and I'm not "feeling it" like I used to which is weird to me because lately my diet as far as protein carb and calories consumption has greatly increased. Please help

  3. I used propadrol ep and get the same way also got the beginning of gyno, drop propadrol and go with prime or activate extreme which is good.

    He who makes a beast out of himeself gets rid of the pain of being a man.

  4. Yea I also have the beginning of gyno propadrol ep must be some strait estrogen sh**

  5. yea get rid of it. Definatly on my will never use again list.

    He who makes a beast out of himeself gets rid of the pain of being a man.

  6. Decided to stack PES erase to get rid of the little gyno and prime to boost test


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