What's the best TESTOSTRONE BOOSTER Hands DOWN !!

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  1. I'd prefer testofen over bulbine extracts. Read a few studies getting at them being hepatotoxic and some other ill effects on the body. Study was not on trained individuals however, not bashing it, just saying I'll take something like titanium or phytotest over a bulbine product. Actually titanium has i3c and lclt so it might be worth checking out.

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    i am interested in diesel test myself but you dont hear much talk about it here on this site.
    there used to a lil more talk when there was a Get Diesel forum. anyway, i've used both versions, DTH n DTP. Personally i prefer DTP, not to knock DTH, but DTP is the stronger/better of the 2 imho... mood/drive/aggression/focus/confidence go up markedly for me, appetite goes up, i experience a recomp effect for sure, fuller/harder pumps in the gym n more of a full/hard/vascular appearance throughout the day, less fatigue during the day as well and seems to encourage better recovery, watch out for libido too- personally i find it both/either enjoyable and annoying, depending on whatever factors and/or times lol. aggression can also=abnormally short temper at times. it's worth running a bottle n checking out. very synergistic w/ any pre-workout you are using too. 2 thumbs up here fwiw...

  3. how about TEstoPro guys ?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by benjiman View Post
    well rosie a lot of it probally has to do with most everybody on here is male.so yea your going to respond diffrent to stuff.but what ever you doing it sure works you hot as hell.i just wish i could find somthing to help my shoulder so i could take stuff that dries me out with out my joints hurting so bad i cant workout hardley.
    alots of fish oil

  5. 1- what about testopro

    2- why is HCgenerate out of stock goddamitttt ???

  6. I personally like Formadrol XT.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Markusrulezzz View Post
    1- what about testopro

    2- why is HCgenerate out of stock goddamitttt ???
    I have used phytotest, takes about 2 months to notice any mass gains but the libido enhancement is noticed within a few days. I'm sure testopro is very similar.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Markusrulezzz View Post
    1- what about testopro

    2- why is HCgenerate out of stock goddamitttt ???
    testopro is a very solid product...it was my favorite test booster for a long time....i'm going to be using forged post cycle which appears to be similar to testopro with alittle stoked thrown in

    hcgenerate is out of stock simply because it works, the ingredients used are the best in the business, ppl like what works


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