Hi, i'm new here. i'm male, about 19 years old, 5'4"-5'5" and i'm small boned, and my main concern is that i have a weak jaw/facial structure. i grew up on a lot of white bread and i remember that i used to have white spots on my nails (which i now realize was zinc deficiency). now i'm a lot healthier of course, i don't have spots on my nails or anything like that. i've cut out all grains and sugars, except buckwheat cereal, i eat a lot of meat and vegetables (specifically ones that go against estrogen, like broccoli, kale, celery, russel sprouts) and i cycle 5 grams l-arginine with grams l-ornithine with b6 some nights then i switch to melatonin some nights and then i switch to 500 mg Niacin some nights. i do all of this in hopes that i can make up for whatever growth i stunted (especially in my face). i'm sorry if this is a little vain for this forum, that this isn't purely for bodybuilding (although i do it for better work out results too). but my question is, do you think doing all of this will make a difference in my face at all (like make my jaw, cheekbones or whatever grow)? also, if not... what will? would arginine shots do it? i know hgh shots or steroids would but i dont think that'd be smart. any advice at all is welcome. thanks.